Is Medical Marihuana legal in Canada?

Yes it is. 

Health Canada has approved the use of marihuana as a legal medicine since 2001 - there are over 35 Health Canada regulated Licensed Producers who sell it to Canadians.

THCENTRAL helps Canadians have informed, legal, safe and responsible access while working within Health Canada's guidelines.

Since August 24, 2016 patients are also now allowed to grow their own medicine under the new regulations.

How can THCENTRAL help you?

THCENTRAL makes the complex process of Canada’s legal medical marihuana program accessible and simple. See our Register page for steps to access Health Canada’s ACMPR program safely and legally with physician and medical support all over Canada.

What is the ACMPR?

ACMPR stands for Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations and is the new set of regulations replacing the previous rules of the MMPR & MMAR. This change took place officially on August 24, 2016 and outlines the updated rules for growing, buying and selling medical marihuana in Canada. It has developed a formal system for doctors, patients and large-scale commercial growers known as Licensed Producers (LPs).

How do I gain access to the ACMPR?

In order to purchase medical marihuana from a Licensed Producer (LP) or grow your own medical marihuana, patients must have a medical document, similar to a prescription. THCENTRAL quickly connects Canadians to a network of physicians for a medical assessment and if it’s determined that medical marihuana is a good treatment option, THCENTRAL helps members navigate the paperwork and submit all required medical documents. THCENTRAL also assists members in selecting a Health Canada LP, provides guidance on the types of medical cannabis for specific ailments and implores members on the safe usage of the medicine.

Is THCENTRAL a dispensary?

No. THCENTRAL is not a dispensary. It is currently illegal to have a storefront where cannabis is sold. It can only be sold by Licensed Producers at the time being. We do hope that regulations can be placed so we can get into that part of the industry as well.

What is the reason for the Physicians?

Patients who wish to access medical marijuana need to consult a physician to obtain a medical document. This is mandatory for the process of your application.

What is the medical document you will issue me?

Similar to a prescription, the medical document includes information such as the daily dosage and the condition being treated. A sample medical document can be accessed on Health Canada’s website.

What is Marihuana best prescribed for?

Although there are no official guidelines for its use for specific conditions, the ACMPR allows medical marihuana to be recommended as a treatment for almost any condition or ailment.

Where can I buy Medical Marihuana?

Under the rules of the ACMPR, Licensed Producers are the only legal source of medical marijuana. The ACMPR prohibits storefronts and dispensaries and all sales must be done online or by phone, and delivered by mail.

What is the price of the medicine?

Under the ACMPR, Licensed Producers are allowed to set their own prices. Currently, prices range from $5-12 per gram. It should be noted that speculation is that prices will drop as the program becomes more established.

How long does the process take?

Usually about 3 to 4 weeks. 

Do I have to renew next year?

Yes. You must renew every year which is standard Health Canada regualtions.

Will I be able to grow my own Marihuana?

Yes. Under the new regulations (ACMPR), patients are now allowed to grow their own proper medicine. 

Can I have another individual grow for me?

Yes. Under the new regulations (ACMPR), you may designate (Designated Grower) someone who does not have a criminal charge within the last 10 years to grow your medicine for you.

What do the fees cover?

The fees cover Doctor appointments and THCENTRAL consultation and educational fees.

What do THCENTRAL clients get?

  1. Education: THCENTRAL staff are the first point of contact and they provide education on how Health Canada’s medical marijuana system works. THCENTRAL's medical staff then help our members learn about the potential benefits and provide guidance.
  2. Physician Consultation/Assessment (if required): THCENTRAL can help potential patients connect with a Physician to review medical history and perform the required Medical Assessment to find out if cannabis is a good treatment option.
  3. Help Accessing the Medical Marijuana System as per Health Canada Rules: If a physician concludes medical marihuana is a good option for the member, THCENTRAL assists members in selecting a qualified Health Canada Licensed Producer. THCENTRAL helps the patient submit the required Medical Document for Medical Marijuana to the Licensed Producer.